Security and Manpower Supply in Vadodara

Security and Manpower Supply in Vadodara

Security Guard:

We are best security guards services provide protecting for you person or a property and employee. Sun care services hires and manages these security officer guards provides the needed top training. The training includes operating a surveillance system, the alse use of firearms and doing street surveillance area. A number of businesses employ sun security guards to protect their employees and properties. Sun security guards can provide better protection to individuals and properties.

Manpower Services 
Sun care security guards are trained to perform their duties serving many different posts. These might include banks, government buildings, jewellery stores, events-function, and personal protection services. We  are also the standard patrol duties as in apartment and mall security, Office and any type of requirement.
Sun care is one of the best names for providing Manpower Services in Vadodara. We are supporting our clients to get the good possible services who can satisfy their various labour needs in their firm. We are provide value added services to our clients, as we help them by supplying skilled and strong  labours services. Sun care services have range of services options, like full time, part time or even contract base etc. You  can choose the best possible option according to your needs. We know the value of Manpower in company and being a well known manpower services provider, we are provide our services best affordable prices.
HR consultancy

Sun care services are providing all types of HR staffing services for every industry, mall, and hospital, commercial and non commercial area. We offer customized and eligible executives finding services for companies. 

Sun car services are well aware about the business need and skilled and honest person and that support us to achieve goal of right person for right job. We provide staff  them for temporary and permanent basis to meet the staffing requirement of the company.

Our main purpose our service is to provide great opportunities to our employees and skilled and eligible staff to our clientele. We arrange  different requiting process to search company suitable candidates.
Service Area:

+ Corporate security and manpower
Hotel and organization security and manpower
Industry and commercial security and manpower
Religious place security and manpower
Private and public place security and manpower
Commercial & residential building security and manpower
Event and function security and manpower


Professionally trained security  men and manpower
Security through high tech instruments
Physically, skill, and mentally  strong and Honest guards and manpower
Also Guard monitoring with control room system


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